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Ink Protocol Decentralizes Marketplaces


Remove uncertainty. View any seller’s global reputation, pay with escrow, and leave feedback for completed transactions.


Reputation is decentralized, independent, and public, so it is available anywhere. Bring it with you and never worry about rebuilding it from scratch.

Any marketplace

Ink Protocol can be integrated into new or existing marketplaces and can also be used in marketplaces that don’t directly handle payments.

Any transaction

Ink Protocol doesn’t require a marketplace. It can be used for any peer-to-peer transaction, regardless of where it happens.

The Listia Marketplace

Ink Protocol will become the new reputation and payment system within the Listia marketplace.

  • Launched 2009

  • 10M registered users

  • 100M items sold

Existing users with Listia Credits will have their balances converted to XNK, providing the token with a tremendous boost for initial usage, stability, and network effects on day one.

Listia Inc. Investors

Naval Ravikant
Max Levchin
and others…

Ink Protocol Features

Decentralized reputation and feedback

Ink Protocol helps users safely send and receive payments in P2P marketplaces while earning public reputation for every completed transaction.

Sellers can take their earned reputation with them from marketplace to marketplace.

To ensure sellers’ reputations are credible, feedback may only be given on completed transactions.

Third party mediation and escrow

Ink Protocol’s built-in dispute resolution allows a mediator to be assigned to a transaction. Mediators exist as independent Smart Contracts and are jointly agreed upon by the buyer and seller.

With mediation, payment is held in escrow until the buyer confirms the transaction. In the event of a dispute, the mediator works with both parties to decide on an outcome.

Ink Pay App – powered by Ink Protocol

The Ink Pay app will be released soon after the Ink Protocol becomes available. This will immediately allow buyers and sellers to make and receive payment for items on third-party marketplaces like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, and more.

  • Sellers can accept payment with Ink Pay and build their reputation.
  • Buyers can check a seller’s reputation before buying and also leave feedback once a transaction is complete.
  • Optionally add a mediator and escrow for a higher level of safety.

Coming to Mobile Web, iOS, & Android

The Ink Protocol Token (XNK)

Ink Protocol is a decentralized reputation and payment protocol powered by the Ethereum blockchain and XNK, an ERC20 compatible token.

XNK is the underlying currency used in all Ink Protocol transactions. As a result, all transactions and feedback are backed by proof of payment on the blockchain.

XNK is also earned by mediators for the mediation services that they provide on transactions.

XNK is already used on the Listia marketplace as the primary virtual currency for all transactions.

You can purchase XNK on IDEX.

The Ink Protocol Ecosystem

Marketplaces, payment apps, and mediation services can all use Ink Protocol. Listia will integrate the Ink Protocol into its existing marketplace and immediately begin development of the Ink Pay app. Developers can build their own marketplaces, payment apps, and other services to leverage the Ink Protocol platform.

Ink Protocol Token (XNK) Allocation

XNK is a general purpose cryptocurrency that will be distributed to the public and existing Listia community in February 2018.


  • Token type: Ethereum ERC20 Token
  • Total supply: 500 million XNK
  • Token Sale Hard Cap: $15MM
  • Token Price: 1 ETH = 7,500-9,375 XNK, depending on presale tier


Ink Protocol Whitepaper

Transaction State Diagram


June 2009 – Listia Inc. is founded and receives funding from Y Combinator
August 2009 – The Listia marketplace launches
October 2009 – Listia announces $400K angel round
April 2011 – Listia launches iOS app, announces $1.75MM seed round led by A16Z
January 2012 – Listia reaches 1M registered users, launches Android app
January 2013 – Listia partners with Best Buy to power the Listia Rewards Store
October 2013 – Listia announces $9MM series A led by General Catalyst
February 2014 – Listia allows Bitcoin to be bought and sold in the marketplace
November 2014 – Listia first experiments with creating a cryptocurrency
December 2015 – Listia launches the Credit Exchange, allowing sellers to earn USD
April 2016 – Listia launches Credits + Cash feature
June 2016 – Listia launches Listia Plus
September 2016 – Listia integrates shipping labels and tracking
May 2017 – Listia hits 10M registered users
June 2017 – Listia begins work on Ink Protocol design and whitepaper
September 2017 – Listia publishes website and Ink Protocol whitepaper
November 2017 – Listia introduces the Ink Protocol project publicly
January 2018 – Ink Protocol public launch and token distribution event
February 2018 – Ink Protocol network goes live and ready for everyone to use!
February 2018 – XNK integration goes live!
Q1 2018 – Ink Pay App and Developer Portal launch
Q2 2018 – Launch Reputation Aggregators and work on Marketplace Partnerships
Q3 2018 – Partnership launches, Ink Protocol web service and APIs
2018 – Ink Protocol services, integration into existing marketplaces, developer community

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James Fong
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Advisors / Partners

Samuel M Smith PhD
Chief Architect Reputation AI Systems, ConsenSys – Reputation, Identity

Philip Krim
Co-Founder & CEO, Casper
E-commerce, Biz Dev, Marketing

The Protocol for Securing Smart Contracts
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Lester Lim
Cryptocurrency Investor, Digital Marketing Strategist, Advisor to SelfKey and CoinFi – Marketing, Strategy

Richard Ma
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