The Ink Protocol Token (XNK)
What is the total supply?
500 million
What is the price per token?
1 ETH = 7,500 XNK
What are the presale discounts?
FULL Presale Tier 1: 1 ETH = 9,375 XNK (20% discount)
FULL Presale Tier 2: 1 ETH = 8,825 XNK (15% discount)
Presale Tier 3: 1 ETH = 8,350 XNK (10% discount)
Base: 1 ETH = 7,500 XNK
When will tokens be distributed and when are they unlocked?

They will be distributed on 2/28/2018 (end of the crowdsale) and will be unlocked right away.

What is the minimum contribution amount?
0.1 ETH
Is the presale/crowdsale first come first serve?
Yes, first come first serve.
What is the minimum age to participate in the token sale?
Can US & Canadian registrants participate?
US and Canadian registrants that can provide proof of accreditation may participate with proof of accreditation.
Can China & Taiwan registrants participate?
Unfortunately, no.
Where do US and Canadian registrants send their proof of accreditation?
Please send your proof of accreditation to admin@paywithink.com with a statement from your financial planner/accountant verifying your accreditation.
What happens with unsold tokens after the crowdsale?
Unsold tokens will be burned.
Are incentive tokens for partnerships and other marketplaces locked?
Yes, these tokens will be locked for 3 years.
Where is the best place to get up to date information on Ink Protocol?
What are you partnering with Quantstamp on?
Quantstamp is auditing all of our contracts to ensure they are secure, including the main Ink Protocol contract. We are also doing an airdrop with them for QSP holders in their POCv2 program. We love Quantstamp!
What is the relationship between Ink Protocol and Listia?
After many years of working on the Listia marketplace, the team saw an opportunity to not just make Listia better, but to make something the entire world could use. Today, a large part of the Listia team is working hard on Ink Protocol’s development, support, and marketing strategy. Listia will be the first application to have integrated with Ink Protocol at launch.
What happens to Listia credits?
Listia members will have the option to convert their credits to XNK after the token is released and integration is completed. Items in the marketplace can be paid for with either Listia credits or XNK so members aren’t required to switch to using XNK. However, all new items in the marketplace will be listed for XNK.

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